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About me….

I’ve been a musician for many years, originally playing bass guitar and then moving on to learn acoustic guitar, piano, drums, ukulele and most recently the double bass. Since first picking up the bass guitar my passion for music has continued to grow leading me on to study A-levels in music and music technology and gaining a first class degree in creative music and sound technology.

During my summer breaks from university and following my graduation I began caring for children of all ages, providing fun, educational and engaging activities. My work with children has taken me all over the world,  working in many different settings and caring for children of all ages. On return to the UK I began working as an early years practitioner, gaining experience in early years education and using my musical knowledge and skills to provide creative learning opportunities for the children.

I am now lucky enough to be running music with mike, combining my passion and skills in music with my enthusiastic approach to childcare and education, not only working with younger children but now also working with older children and people in the wider community.

Location, Location, Location…

I am currently based in Brighton and Hove however I am more than happy to travel around East and West Sussex, meeting new people and making music accessible to as many people as possible.