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Music for nurseries

0 - 5 years

My early years workshops engage children in fun and educational activities that aim to teach them the fundamentals of music including beat, rhythm, tonality, singing and movement.

Themes such as percussion pirates, jungle rhythms, transportation, farm yard fun and many more will maximise the children’s enjoyment of the session and focus their musical learning.

Here are a few things I can offer your Early ears setting:

– Fully interactive, education and activity filled weekly sessions for children of all ages.An exciting opportunity for children participate in themed activities, all planned alongside the EYFS to ensure that the educational benefits span across many of the areas of development.

– The chance to play a wide range of musical instruments including shakers, tambourines, rhythm sticks and professional quality djembe drums.

– Perform movement based activities along to live music using props such as parachutes and dance scarves.

– The opportunity to put on a musical performance for parents, a perfect way to demonstrate how the children are progressing with there musical learning.

– A great selling point to prospective parents.

– Lots of fun, excitement, learning and a little bit of silliness thrown in!

Each theme is uniquely tailored to the ages of the children ensuring that the children can progress musically and have lots and lots of fun!


Workshops are priced at £30 for 30 minutes of musical activities, £37.50 for 45 minutes and £42.50 for an hour.

This can be split between different rooms and ages depending on your needs.

contact me now to find out more about my workshops or to book your first session!

“Just wanted to say how much Oscar loves Mike's music sessions. He has found his rhythm and now asks to listen and sing to lots of different music...
Thanks Mike, you are truly an inspiration.”
Helen C - Mum of 3-year-old Oscar