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Music in the wider community

All Ages

As well as running music workshops with children I also provide music opportunities for a wider range of people in the community. These drumming and rhythm workshops are a great way for people to experience the enjoyment and fulfillment that music can provide without the need for any prior musical knowledge or skills.

The workshops involve drumming and percussion activities that will engage all participants in drumming techniques, teach participants about different types of drums and percussion and enable everyone to create drum circle music.

My drumming and rhythm workshops are Perfect for a team building experience or an enrichment activity in community settings.
Drumming and rhythm workshops have many benefits such as:

• Demonstrating the importance of diversity
• Establishing listening and communication skills
• Developing a sense of camaraderie amongst participants
• Reduces the effects of work and life related stresses
• Develops and broadens team-working skills

“Mike’s Music workshops were a favourite at Ovingdean Hall College, with all of our international students. There was something for everyone to enjoy and participate in no matter what your musical experience or age. Everyone was encouraged to involved and create music together”
Florie E - Student services, Ovingdean Hall international language college