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Children’s Workshops

“Mike’s Music workshops were a favourite at Ovingdean Hall College, with all of our international students. There was something for everyone to enjoy and participate in no matter what your musical experience or age. Everyone was encouraged to involved and create music together”

(Florie, Student services, Ovingdean Hall international language college) 

– Early years music workshops –


The early years workshops engage children in fun and educational activities which aim to teach them the fundamentals of music including rhythm and tonality.

All workshops are themed to maximise the children’s enjoyment and focus, such themes are percussion pirates, jungle rhythms, fast and slow and many more.
Each theme is uniquely tailored to the ages of the children ensuring that the children can progress musically and have lots and lots of fun!

All early years workshops are planed alongside the EYFS curriculum ensuring that the educational benefits span across all areas of development.


– Key stage 1&2 music workshops –

EY percussion

Key stage 1&2 workshops are designed to develop children’s knowledge and understanding of music in a fun and interactive way. These workshops use a variety of well known and more unusual instruments to teach the children about many different areas of music.


The workshops aim to engage the children in exciting, interactive and educational ways whether it be participating in writing and playing their own songs, Playing the eight legged sensory pads or learning to play the Ukulele.


 – Children’s drum circles –  

kids drumming 2

An educational and exciting way for children to come together to play drums and percussion, learn about different musical elements and have lots of fun! The drum circles are perfect for children of 8 years and above and are a perfect opportunity to introduce the children to many different types of drums and percussion and learn about their origins.

The children will learn various drumming techniques, use their listening and communication skills, work as a team to create interesting and exciting music and learn through exploration in which the children’s uniqueness in celebrated.

Great for groups of up to 30 Participants!

“From birth, we develop our musical awareness through communication, the expression of emotion and playfulness. In turn, musical activities help us to develop our capacity to communicate with others, to express our feelings and to play”

(Pound and Harrison)